Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, we offer prospective clients a broad array of legal services and representation including trial advocacy; litigation; transactional work; and regulatory compliance services. Our clients range from individual investors; real estate developers, and public and private companies; to financial institutions, including securities firms; and mortgage or real estate brokerages. Whether directly in-house or through our strategic relationships with a number of regional firms, we'll secure for you and our clients, the advocacy resources needed along a broad spectrum of services. We represent clients in relation to:

State and Federal Litigation

Investor Advocacy


Military Advocacy

Corporate Consulting and Securities Litigation

White Collar Criminal Defense

With a multidisciplinary approach, we assess and analyze the key factors germane to your case, endeavoring to secure for you, the optimal outcome. Among the priorities we strive to satisfy, cost-effective representation is second only to success. Our goal is to address your issues, finish the task, or resolve your dispute as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We are effective mediation advocates and negotiators, but if a settlement is not possible, we are zealous, uncompromising litigators in or out of court, before a judge or jury.

We offer a wide spectrum of legal services primarily focusing on corporate and business consulting, securities compliance and litigation, bankruptcy and white-collar criminal defense. For more information about the areas we practice feel free to email us at info@amsantoslaw.com or call our office at 702-749-4594.